Part of a Cycle but Which Part?

Nothing is really new.

It all is part of a cycle that repeats itself throughout history.

We call it the Pride Cycle in church and look for the spiritual pattern of righteousness and wickedness. But in broader terms it is a more complex pattern. It’s all tied to weather. That was a huge discovery for me, not made on my own. There is the small cycles of Winter, Spring, Fall, and Summer, but also larger ones that involve solar flares. The minimum of which has historically brought crop failures, violent weather, locust, mouse plagues, and pandemics. Sounds familiar? Then of course if there is a minimum, there is a maximum too and everything in between with it moving in a circle.

The tilt of the earth top or bottom toward the sun which gives us colder or warmer weather is in a pattern.  The tilt over time changes from 24 degrees maximum to 22.5 degrees, which is an ice age. Fall of 2019 we were at 23.5 degrees. Probably all the talk of going into a mini-ice age but maybe you missed that for all the talk of Global Warming. Two very different opinions. It appears that no one really gets together and looks at the picture as a whole. Scientist are notorious for that. Where on earth the weather grows warmer when another area grows colder is also a pattern I learned from a coffee buyer who wondered why the climate was changing where he bought coffee beans. History gave him his answer.

This cycle of tilt is also know as Earth’s wobble and occurs in 40,000 year cycles which leads to periodic ice ages that occur once every 100,000 years. Are we due for one? I don’t know. I’m still gathering pieces before I put the puzzle together. Then there is volcanic eruptions which gave us “The Year Without a Summer”. This pandemic has shed an interesting light upon the subject of  influences upon weather as skies have cleared with vast numbers of people staying home and some scientific, so called, fact isn’t meeting reality. Weather is being used as a ploy to gain power and riches.

One thing I have pieced together is if one learns patterns, mysteries unfold. The greater part of uncertainty is removed. Patterns teach us how to prepare for the next phase. Through patterns we know where the paths before us will lead. “If ye are prepared, ye shall not fear.” I was watching a YouTube about some scientist piecing together weather patterns in history by studying journals. This they found coincided with the rise and fall of nations.  You’d have thought I’d have put it together after all the biblical story of, “Joseph and the Coat of Many Colors” is a prime example. Joseph foresaw the coming pattern of weather through heavenly inspiration and prepared a nation knowing the seven years of prosperity would be followed by seven years of famine.

Also taught in the story is that the most important thing to well-being is food. Without food, man does not exist. Therefor those nations who have the most, prosper the most because excess can be sold, gaining them control over others. Excesses allows people to turn their minds to art and other comforts. BUT excess for a long period of time creates a nation of people who become lazy, light minded, and selfish – hence wicked, (The Pride Cycle).


The people prosper, the people grow wicked, the people fall.

A story as old as time. Pretty easy to see we have had a great Social Upheaval. The Carona virus has been weaponized to gain a certain desired outcome. Players in the media and elsewhere pull emotional strings to incite certain reactions. It isn’t that there is a lack of events of black brutality against whites or whites against blacks and what about the Hispanics and the Asians? It is an agenda that takes these events, pin points a fraction of the story to obscure truth, and controls the people through their emotions. Keep in mind that the media is owned by rich and powerful men who are using it for their gain. Events are simply pawns on a chess board. Divide and conquer is an old tried and true war game. United we stand, divided we fall. 

There is a pattern emerging of the orchestration of the riots which have nothing to do with the reason for the protests of an injustice. The protests are simply being used as cover. Anger and Destruction is emerging all around the world. If you look at my grandmother’s generation, you will see that they lived through the Spanish Flu, WWI and II, The Great Depression, The Korean Conflict, The Vietnam war and much more. Us, we have lived in the lap of luxuries our grandparents sacrificed for. We are spoiled. We are ripe for destruction. We will be humbled.

The Israelite nation had to wander in the desert for 40 years because they were so quick to forget their God returning quickly to idle worship. Worship of things of no value.  I’m amazed at how many angry posts there are on Facebook. Angry about how their form of entertainment has been taken from them. The loss of lives and livelihoods forgotten.

We are missing the historical patterns. They are meant to teach us. To prepare us.

If governments are a reflection of the families in that nation then ours are broken and contentious.

We stand to be humbled to be seen the errors in our ways. The part in church we talk about where we will be suffer to the point we plead for relief and in doing so we remember our God. We will find out what really matters in the days to come and we will hopefully each find gratitude for our blessings for we will have known being without.

War between nations has begun. At this time it is unconventional warfare. Food, the most important commodity in lean times is what fights will centralize over. Go big or go home policies have led to factory farming, the need for only a few meat processing plants, and shift of power from the many to the few. When the few fall, the many suffer. My grandma always said, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” We have done just that, too many eggs in too few a baskets.

As I see it, Covid-19 isn’t our biggest problem. Covid-19 has only exposed the problems in our nations. It is exposing them spiritually, morally, and physically. The pain is in the vastness of them. The weather has shifted. Nations shall rise and fall, and the people will learn of that which is most important. They will learn the true nature of those around them.

You may think this is a sad tale. In many ways it is. But each day I look and find miracles big and small. Ones in my life and others. I’m feeling more grateful as I’ve been guided like never before. I’m looking for patterns found in the past. Patterns that will lead me so that being better prepared, I will not fear.

Nothing is really new, just a well worn part of a cycle revolving from the past.



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