Cover for Grow Lights

Increased Growth

I can’t believe how much difference it makes! It isn’t quite what I had in mind but it is what we had on hand. With hubbies help, I made a simple cover for the 3 stack grow light stand or rather storage shelf stand that I use. The plastic was some off the end of a large roll we used at the other home-place to cover our hay in a shed. Not clear like I’d have liked since that would have let more natural light in from the windows but it does do some reflecting of light from the grow lights back on to the plants which intensifies it. The results are amazing! What would have taken me at least a month longer in our cool house, now has me wondering where to put the tall tomato plants which will no longer fit under the shelves? I hope they don’t get too shocked from being removed and placed  beside the grow lights set up. It should certainly slow them down and help them to acclimate to our cooler weather.


Increases humidity

Besides amazing growth rate with sturdy thick plants, it ups the humidity. Instead of the humidity being absorbed from the plants into our dry air, it is retained by the plastic for the plant’s use. Humidity allows the stomata (pores in the leaves and stem) of the plant to stay open and therefor the plant can absorb CO2. If the stomata is open, then less light is needed to make photosynthesis. To maximize the amount of humidity, I use a spray bottle to shower my plant. There is such a thing as too much humidity for plants but not in Wyoming.

Made a rectangular opening on the front and then sewed a overlapping flap to flip up to water plants and down to keep heat and humidity inside.

More Crops Can Be Grown

Since it won’t take as long to jump start plants for the outdoor gardens, I can extend my winter garden time and increase the amount of herbs, tomatoes, and lettuce we grow in the same set up. I’ll admit, I never got one started for this winter but I have a few herbs and tiny indoor tomato plants going for when I push the summer garden plants out. I have a feeling we will need the garden big time this year and next. I’m avoiding shopping in stores and learning how to do it from home. Next, I will learn to do more banking from here too. I’m at high risk for complications from the carona-19 virus. It’s okay, I’m loving the excuse to stay home. I’m loving getting some things done I’ve needed to do for a long time. I’m loving the opportunity to cuddle more with the livestock, and enjoy the abundant wildlife where we live. Yup!!, home is the place for me

Almost ever single seed sprouted

I can’t believe it! I had seeds sprout and nice little plants going and then I put on the plastic and all these tiny seedlings jumped out of the dirt as if to say, “Don’t forget me!”Doubling what I had before. I just had three more, now an inch high emerge. The are sitting next to a 10 inch tomato plant. Late bloomers for sure but the potential has my mind whirling. I won’t have to have nearly as many seeds because of the more perfect environment for sprouting.

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