How to tell your Goat or Sheep’s Worm Burden

This is the proper way to tell if a goat or sheep is burdened with worms. I mostly just use the ‘your not fat enough for how much you eat, your belly is too big and your top too skinny, dull hair, and the nudge that all isn’t right in livestock land’ but then again I’ve been doing this a long, long, time. What this video doesn’t teach is how to wrestle the animal down in order to do this. Don’t be fooled by Waltzing Matilda here, I named her. She is no ordinary sheep. That or I think they gave her a tranquilizer.

I thought I’d try this on my animals. But first I tried it on our old cat. You know the one the kids can dress up and do about anything with. There wasn’t enough stink eye or man handling that could get the job done. He might be the most tolerant cat for everything else but “Man!!” can he turn inside out.

Anyway, watch this video. It’s a good one. I found it on the goat forum on Facebook. The one I’m too computer illiterate to take off. The one that blows me away by all the problems people have raising goats.

This past week the red winged black birds, sand hill cranes, and our favorite, the meadow larks came back. Spring must be a coming. The snow drifts are still up to 3 feet high but the warm forecast for next week might just fix some of that. Stay warm, keep social distancing, and maybe check out the link below if you want more information on the subject of gauging worm burdens in sheep and goats.

This is the written text if you would like more information. — just click on link.

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