Pointy Side Up or Down When Storing Eggs.

Pointy side down in the carton was what my grandmother told me and that was how the eggs came from the grocery store. I figured there must be some scientific reason for it.  Then commercial cartons began having eggs inside pointed up and down. Why the shift? Was it laziness, lack of pride in their product or had rules changed due to scientific discovery?  I had to find out. The answer of course is Grandma knew best.
If you store eggs pointy side down, you will increases their shelf life. This is because there is an air pocket in the wider end of the egg. This pocket of air helps keep moister in the porous egg shell from evaporating. The narrower end, where the egg white is closer to the surface of the shell, is then tucked down inside the carton which aids in protecting that section from evaporation. So indeed it does matter which way you store your eggs but only if you are storing them for long periods of time. Maybe this is why companies are packaging there eggs every which way. Then again maybe it just speeds up packaging and time is money.

When you wish to store eggs for hatching always store large end up so you don’t risk displacing the air pocket. A chick naturally forms facing the wider end toward this pocket. On the twenty-first day, hatching day, it will pierce the air sack with its egg tooth and take its first breath. This is when you hear peeping inside the egg.

So yes, large side up is best.

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