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I have decided to add a category called snippets to my blog. It’s just little things I’ve learn on my way through life. After all my nickname is, The Walking Encyclopedia. A gal where I previously lived, had the guts to tell me. Apparently they thought I’d be offended. Why be offended because you have a broad base of knowledge. I’m not a know it all by any means. In fact the more I know the less smart I feel. I figure I shouldn’t be the only one so why not create a club, the more the merrier so we’ll start our lessons today with some of the things I’ve learned lately with my vast number of doctor visits in the last month. One can only stand being miserable so long. And you can join in the comment section and tell what you’ve learned lately. Then we can all be smarter than we were last week. Who knows who this might help.


  1. It is true that you can become bow legged from riding horses too much. My father was a bow legged cowboy and I was just called bow legged by my doctor at the Bone and Joint Clinic. You wear the inside of the knee joint down far more than the outside. It hurts!
  2. I’m allergic to cockroaches. Apparently their bodies, feces, and saliva. Yes, they have a test for that. It is blood work that was done by my pulminologist for regional allergies that includes certain plants that would cause asthmatic reactions. My only one was cockroaches. Good thing we had our home tested before moving in. Not that they are all that common here in Wyoming but they do exist. Cities is where cockroaches are highly populated.
  3. Your teeth will rot if you don’t have enough saliva. It washes the damaging bacteria away. I have severe dry mouth at night because of Diabetes Insipitus which is a huge problem for me right now. Diabetes Insipitus is not related to Diabetes Melitus in any way. Melitus means “sugar” and that is the diabetes that is familiar to everyone. Diabetes actually means “flows through”. Insipitus means “water” so it is water flows through because of the lack of Vasopressin which is a hormone that tells your body to retain water when supplies are low so you don’t become severely dehydrated. My water goes in the top and out the bottom – just about that quick. So you’d better not be in my bathroom. Yes, we have three. The problem can stem from the kidneys or the adrenal gland. Mine stems from both. Medicine is helping but I’m still a regular at the dentist. Diabetes Insipitus sufferers are 1 in 25,000.

If you drink too much it also washes away saliva and can cause decaying of your teeth. I drink a LOT or my heart rhythm messes up and the distance in my blood pressure between dystalic and systalic becomes very close together. Your body is dying since it is made mostly of water. 40 apart is perfect.


There you have it. You are now a medical doctor. LOL

Hopefully, the doctors can save me, for wouldn’t it be a fright being autistic, toothless, wheezy, and bow-legged?

I shudder at the thought for I’ll no longer have babies in grocery stores that I don’t know waving, smiling, and throwing themselves out of their mother’s arms to reach me. I kid you not. The same thing happens to our oldest daughter and to my aunt. I’ll so miss that.

No, they will be screaming in terror and it won’t even be Halloween.


3 thoughts on “Snippets of Information

  1. Cocroaches are creepy on so many levels anyway. When I studied entomology in school, and needed representative from the various families for our insect collections, a lab partner who worked in the most popular restaurant in California at the time sold cockroaches for $5 (which was a lot of money then). I resented paying for one, but finally did because after roommate threw out my only cockroach because he though it was a scorpion! (He was not in the same class.) Shortly afterward (when I no longer needed a cockroach), my roommate pointed out the most HUMONGOUS cockroach I have ever seen. He did not know it was a cockroach, but referred to it as a waterbug. It was crossing the road in in his parents’ neighborhood down south, and no one was bothering it!


    1. People are oblivious to most of their surroundings. We have a large population of wild turkeys that run through the countryside and towns around us and yet there are kids at school that say they have never seen one. How can you miss something that big? Are their faces always buried in the artificial world of electronics? I can see not knowing but a cockroach is because people pay no attention to bugs but a turkey. They are the symbol of Thanksgiving!
      I’ve never seen a cockroach in my 60 years. They are not unheard of in Wyoming but not normally seen. I hear they come in on ships into California so I’d guess you’d have a wide variety.

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      1. Not only are there a few exotic species, but they proliferate in the climate and the urban environments. I believe that they are more common in the older parts of Los Angeles and Beverly Hills than they are in places like the San Fernando Valley, because the homes are older with more unseen decay, and the landscapes are more established and overgrown.


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