Trying to Navigate Normal

Do any of you struggle with asthma? I have what I thought were mild problems until I underwent four doctor visits, a trip to the Emergency Room, and a three day hospital visit in the I.C.U. that changed my mind. This is the second time since moving here that I’ve been hospitalized. Even though I’m hardly well – a long ways from it – I have moments where I glimpse what life could be like if I just had enough air in my lungs. Oh, I’ve complained to the doctors a time or two but they seem to think low oxygen is no big deal. Believe me, four degrees upward on the meter can make all the difference in the world and I will have it.

I can’t believe how much this has destroyed my energy level and I’m not bouncing back. , It has made me stop and realize that the Lord was guiding and directing me but I wasn’t moving fast enough. But believe me, he has my full attention now. So does Marie Kondo. Now don’t roll your eyes. My granddaughters did. In the four episodes I watched, I saw a women who helped people to not just get their house in order but discover their relationship with the objects within it. Her method pushes out emotional baggage to create a home full of joy. Yes, she might seem a bit culturally strange to you but this is one shrewd women who has built a financial empire. I personally adore order and as I’ve followed the grandkids into the world, I’ve discovered nothing but illogical chaos. Something in complete contrast to who I am and therefore I’ve allowed it to destroy my mental and physical health. I just can’t navigate normal and nor do I want to try any longer.

So yes, I need a bit of Marie Kondo in my life.”Is this something I want to bring into my future and does this bring me joy really aren’t stupid questions?

So as we sat in the hospital together for several days, and four more days he had to take off of work to care for me at home, we voiced our frustrations, our dreams, and made

SIMPLIFY and CREATE ORDER became the theme. I’m not putting in a very big garden this year and it will consist of low maintenance plants. I’m devoting my time to building a foundation of a healthier soil. Fortifying the fruit trees and berry bushes and getting the livestock well managed once more. Things that will make the tasks more successful and easier in the future.

We bought a used dump trailer yesterday. It will haul gravel and sand to fill in around buildings and build up our road. The north garden fence will become annuals only except raspberries and elderberries. The west end will be a quick take down and assemble fence to allow the dump trailer to back in and dump manure and sawdust shavings from the local lumber mill the whole 200 foot length of the garden each year. Manure and pine shavings are something Mother Nature uses quite a bit of in the mountains nearby so why not us? We live at its feet. This will allow me to let the chickens roam freely part of the year eating bugs, spreading and tilling in the manure and shavings, and doing part of my work for me. The goal is a no till garden since tillage so far it has only caused problems like thistle.

The south garden will be garlic, onions, herbs, trees, bushes, and yes, swales not swells, weaving them together.  We have begun to pile mulch to create them instead of digging which makes far more sense in our part of the country. This garden is where the wheel barrow will be used heavily among the vegetation but still no tilling.

I love your comments and read with fascination to what you have to say from different parts of the country and the world. Manure works, manure causes problems. Green manure in great supply which is so beyond our means right here. It’s made me realize just how different we are. Most of you are after pretty much the same goal but in one location the same thing that is right is wrong in another.

This is cattle country. The land isn’t of use for anything else in most locations and their presence and carbon foot print makes the country far more than it could ever be on its own. The cattle simply replaced the buffalo to maintain the poor soil. Our grass is different. It’s short and packs more nutrients per inch by far than the tall grass of Oklahoma. We live in what they call a high plains DESERT. I emphasize the word desert because that is what it is. In most of Wyoming you can go for miles without seeing one single tree. Our personal view is of the foothills of the mountains but most of the state is just rolling empty hills with little snippets of grass and scraggly sagebrush.

You talk about capturing rain run off. We capture snow. It’s why we are trying to enhance our mini-glacier. The ranchers around us depend on the snow that melts in the mountains come spring for it fills the lakes and reservoirs for irrigation to raise hay and a small amount of grain. This year has me wondering as the snow fall on the mountain was very light. Will we get enough rains? But at least we have that for most of Wyoming isn’t near the mountains and is rough barren land. 35 to 40 acres per medium size cow is required.

Our place of course depends on the well but some years it runs pretty low. Others around us have had theirs go dry those years.  Water is a priority and we need to capture more water off the roof from the little rain we get and create more snow drifts to capture moisture upon our few acres. We need to help fill the well and saturate the soil for the dry months ahead.

Marie Kondo says to imagine a clear picture of what you want your future to be. I’d say that’s what Kirk and I have been doing this past week. We are excepting that we can’t navigate normal without severe consequences. We need to be who the Lord created us to be. It will be an adjustment for the grandkids but maybe they will learn to be who they were meant to be too. So Marie Kondo, thank you for the lessons you taught me this week. Thanks for the reminder of who I am.  And thanks to Marjorie Hinckley, I love this women. Her quote, ” We women have a lot to learn about simplifying our lives. We have to decide what is important and then move along at a pace that is comfortable for us. We have to develop the maturity to stop trying to prove something.” All I’ve proved so far is that I’m not normal and I’m glad of it so ride along with me. It should be interesting days ahead.







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