Store Pudding

Every once in a while my brain kicks into gear and I get so excited. I solved another problem. When I make pudding from a box, I usually measure out the amount of milk, put it into a saucepan and dump in the contents of the manufacturers box. This is if I’m not making it from scratch. Sometimes I cheat.

Today I thought,’ Holly, you dummy, your craving pudding and you know you will partially burn it. You do almost every time. You haven’t the patience to stand there waiting for it to heat up and thicken while whipping away because you think of a cajillion other things you could be doing while it heats. Even if you are in the kitchen working, you know you are going to forget it until your smeller  reminds you that it is cooking and is burning.’

Then it hit. ‘Why don’t you heat up the milk first? It takes longer to heat the milk with the powdered mix in it and you know you are good about checking it the first time but then when you should go back, you are so engrossed in what you are doing next that you forgte the stove is even going.’

So I did. I heated up the milk until almost boiling and that was the time I checked it first. Then I put in the pudding mix. It started to thicken instantly almost like instant pudding. I use the Cook and serve. I’m leery of instant. What is that strange chemical causing such a reaction. It’s probably a monster hiding in the corner going to cause my death. Okay, I can be dramatic at times.

And low and behold I did not burn the milk. I did not burn the pudding because I did not have to stir for very long. It’s awesome!

The picture shows it warm right out of the saucepan  because I like it all comfy,  and smooth like a warm blanket right out of the dryer warming my throat.

A.D.D. take that will you?

So there you have it. The tip of the week.

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