Why Does A Hen Lay Eggs With Ridges?

I had the champion of body checks, ridges or grooves producer. She was a true sculptress or nervous ninny, depending on how you look at it. It was all she ever produced and that is not suppose to be right. Yes, when very young or older but age was no deterrent for her.


When and why does this happen? When the egg is in the shell gland is when the body checks form. The body is trying to repair egg shell damage usually from a stressful situation like a bad thunderstorm which is the why. Our hen’s excuse, who knows. But normally, and I emphasize normally, the misshapen part is toward the pointed end of the egg.

I miss her.


2 thoughts on “Why Does A Hen Lay Eggs With Ridges?

  1. Valerie

    I never got any with the ridges like that. I had one hen that was prone to balloon eggs. She laid them quite frequently. My grandson ( who is autistic ) thought they were the coolest things ever.


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