Scrambled Egg Perfection

Dry, moist, big curds, little curds, you name it, everyone has their preference and no one person has the corner on perfection for everyone else. Everyone even likes different things in with their eggs. I like a little summer sausage or bacon. It’s what your taste buds tell you. For instance when I taste hot peppers all I get is the heat. It is not only very uncomfortable but it overpowers all the other flavors of the dish leaving my mouth screaming for milk to relieve the pain. What a disappointment as my husband and daughter enjoy the flavors with a mild warmth thrown in. Yet there are a few warm peppers that don’t give me misery so I don’t hate peppers. Even though you have been making something all your life does not mean that you can’t try it is another way.

I found out that the scrambled eggs I’d been making weren’t really all that good or rather I found a way our grandkids and I like them better.  Instead we like two eggs mixed with a couple tablespoons of fresh goats milk, salt and pepper just like I would if they were sunny side up before whipping them together. Then I place them in a frying pan that is set at a much cooler temperature so the moisture does not steam out. The fresh milk adds moisture as does adding the salt. I tried it with cream instead of milk and it was good but a little too much fat for our liking. Now butter on the other hand melted in the pan and the eggs fried in is yummy. Fat coats the eggs and gives you a more tender texture. Another tip if you want your eggs less firm is to removed them a short time before they are fully cooked to your liking.  Protein continues to cook for a while even when taken off the heat and so can become over cooked.  But who am I to tell you that those rubber, dry eggs are not good?

I knew a gal who liked the chemical taste of store box muffins over mixed so they were tough and chewy in texture. Probably what her mother had made which made it comfort food. Another gentleman liked his chocolate cookies cooked crunchy and brown just like his mama made them. So I’m not telling you what kind of scrambled eggs are best just that you might want to experiment a little. You might find something better. I found this gentleman on the internet who has done scientific experiments with scrambled eggs.  Check him out at scrambled eggs. You too might find something better.

4 thoughts on “Scrambled Egg Perfection

  1. Valerie

    I like to crack my eggs into the hot pan, letting the whites cook just a little before I break the yolk and scramble them up. My daughter likes hers under cooked, so they are a little runny yet when she eats them. I like bacon or sausage added to mine. Also good with a little maple syrup on them, like they get when on the plate beside your pancakes. Yum.


    1. I think of all foods, eggs are the thing that we each have a very different preference for how they are cooked. Much more so than steak for instance. I’m all with you on wanting bacon or sausage in your but I draw the line on maple syrup. My taste buds lean toward savory but my oldest daughter’s lean toward sweet. It’s fun to be different.


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