Freezing Cabbage

First time for me freezing cabbage. I blanched for 3 minutes and froze big chunks of Brunswick cabbage while I waited on peaches that were processing in the water bath. Super simple to do but there is just one trick I found on the internet that made it much easier so I’ll pass it along.


The blanching time varies from site to site between 1 1/2 minutes if the cabbage is shredded to 3 to 4 if in big chunks. I chose 3 minutes. But what I found most helpful is the advice to keep a part of the core in each chunk so the cabbage stays together without all the leaves falling off of the large wedge.

IMG_8037So I cut the cabbage into wedges by first cutting the cabbage in half. Due to the looser leafed nature of Brunswick, it still had a tendency to separate but not bad due to the handy tip I learned. Thank you once again, all those who contribute to the Internet to give us a wealth of knowledge at our fingertips.

The adventure has only begun as this winter I will need to learn to use this frozen concoction. It should be fun. So blanch, plunge into frigid water, shake off the water, and freeze. We can learn together or you can just send me a comment and speed up the whole process by giving me tips. Surely some of you have done this before.

Growing up my family was not big cabbage eaters. Really rather sad because besides my immediate family, most of them grew big gardens. Some of them really big ones – acres due to their large families. But no one froze cabbage. Now what is up with that?

So feel free to teach me for maybe it is a regional thing and I grew up  in the wrong region to learn this handy lesson.

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