Nanking Cherries

My Nanking cherries had there first crop. Three years after transplanting them and we have a scant covering of the bottom of an ice cream bucket. A long wait to see if one likes the flavor of them. Luckily we love it!! I had just enough to make some pancake syrup and a few cherries for each of us to try fresh. Sweet with a slight tart after taste,”Delightfully complex!”, is how our oldest granddaughter described them. Can’t wait for a bumper crop.  Syrup, jelly, vinegar, cherry juice to drink, dried cherries, and maybe even cold cherry soup are what we are looking forward to.  Most of the fruit came from one bush so I’m hoping for far more next year since we have three bushes.


Five things beyond flavor that I love is:

  1. The branches that did bare fruit were loaded.
  2.  The fruit being bright red was easy to spot.
  3.  No thorns to contend with.
  4. The berries were far larger than a current or goose berry but not as large as a pie or sweet cherry.
  5. The stone is rather large but still lots of meaty fruit to enjoy.

If you are looking for Nanking’s medicinal properties, they have many. Gout relief of course, cough suppressant, anti-inflammatory, (diseases in general are from inflammation) helps regulate the thyroid hormones (could really use that), anti-oxidant, and just all around nutritional. A win win in my garden.


I was not in the least surprised that Nanking cherries are in the Rose family.  You might recall my post on plant families.

If you love the flavor of cherries then I’d recommend Nanking. They are super hardy being rated for zones 2 to 7. How many plants do you know that can handle 2? Not many huh? So if you are looking for another fruit baring bush, give Nankings a try.


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