Spiders – Why They Come.

While were on the subject of creepy crawly things, let’s talk spiders. Got the chills yet? I’m tired of the things in MY house. So I checked to see why the problem and yes, “If you feed them, they will come.” Not that I mean to but tired and late night suppers meant there were often dirty dishes in the sink and food on the kitchen floor which attracted flies. So I’ve, “Cleaned up my Act.” as they say and despite fatigue, I have the dishes done and the floor not only swept but mopped before I crawl into bed. It is pretty nice waking up to a clean kitchen when little ones are wondering, “What’s for breakfast.”


I think it might be helping even though it could just be the feeling of relief in the morning when I have to start breakfast and I begin with a clean kitchen. As for the flies, I can’t keep them out. When you leave your windows and sliding doors wide open at night to catch the cool air and chill the house down before the sun heats it up, they will enter. Yes, we have screens but ours have welcome signs on them, they are so holey. Then again the flies might just find their way in anyway. The windows are of such poor quality that they fill with dirt when the wind blows. Not dust but clumps of dirt particles. Slowly we are replacing the monstrous sized things but big is expensive.

Copy of IMG_2025

So my main avenue of defense will be to just quit feeding flies and hang an ugly fly strip up in their favorite fly zone. They circle round and round in tight circles. Why? Apparently the area between my living room and office is main street and they are ‘Dragging Main’ as we call it in a small western town. Only flies are looking for mates and though some of my class mates might have been also, I personally was not. My friends and I used it to see and be seen plus have a rousing game of ‘Chinese Fire Drill’.

Spiders are cold blooded and therefore not attracted to warmth. They live in the Arctic after all. One of which is the wolf spider. Those are really creepy things. Don’t laugh. We don’t have many spiders where we live and certainly not a lot of poisonous ones. Just black widows, recluse, and hobos. We are truly blessed if not I’d probably be dead by now. I’ve been bitten by all USA’s bad ones at least once.

Did you know that spiders have a natural antifreeze in their bodies and they need it for where we live. So don’t believe the pest management sites who say spiders come in the house in the fall for warmth. They are coming in for the food which is coming in for the warmth. Flies and bugs are attracted to light, warmth, and food so spiders are just following the food supply lines


The other way to lower spider numbers is vacuum up all those spider webs. Spiders eat up part of their own spider webs to recoup some of the protein energy. Once again cut the food supply.

Spiders love cluttered and dirty houses to hide in so a good cleaning is in order. Just don’t look at my walk-in closet. It’s the dump site for things I don’t have a place for yet. On my to do list for fall before bugs come in looking for a warm place for winter. The spiders coming in after them will see it as a great place to hide.

Oh, and one more thing. You find spiders in sinks and tubs because they are getting a drink so fix those leaky faucets.

Prevention is always better than poisonous sprays. I’m just super grateful that we don’t have a lot of bugs and spiders in Wyoming. Our son was in Kentucky for two years and he encountered walls on houses that looked like they were moving because of the huge infestation of bugs creeping on them. Nope, I’ll stay in my beloved Wyoming.



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