Prince Charming and the Dragon

There are happily ever afters and Prince Charmings. I know because I have a prince even if he refuses to dress the part.

Just as I was ready to toddle off to bed, I hear angry hissing sounds on my front stoop. I had no idea what it was and at 10 o’clock at night, this could not be good. I was envisioning a small predator of skunk size proportions by how loud the sound was when I flipped on the front porch light. There calmly stood our old cat, Reginald, watching a yard long, coiled, and VERY mad, bull snake. This, I was not expecting.

I don’t know how you feel about snakes but for me sweet dreams are not made of these so I hollered for my husband who’d gone off to bed and fallen asleep. “Come on, a snake!” I hurried to get my tall, Arctic, Muck snow boots on and a shovel in the barn while the cat had him occupied.

Kirk in his flaming white undies, bare foot and for all to see under the halo of the front porch light, peered down at the snake who, by now, had crawled up the first step. In disbelief I watched my prince leave the front door wide open as he headed back into the house. Now he has really set up the nightmares for me.

“Don’t leave the front door open! I don’t want a bull snake in MY…. house.” Once, at the other house, I had a water snake in my kitchen. Kirk was forced to replace both the front and back door. I am not fond of snakes. But let me be clear, I am not an only a good snake is a dead snake kind of person. We once had a sweet bull snake who lived in our yard all summer. Never once did he coil or hiss but slithered away out of reach when I came near. He was left unmolested but threaten me, my grandchild, or my animals and I will respond to the fight.

Tired and bedraggled, I was not faking bravado and killing the snake myself as I had done previously this summer. Nope, this time I figured I had my knight on his white horse or in this case wearing his tidy whities which is close enough, and it was his duty to rescue the damsel in distress and slay the dragon. “But he’s just a bull snake!”

“I know, but I’m not waking up to him on my front porch or worse, lurking under it and coming in and out at will.” It took a bit more convincing. “What about the grandkids?”  That did it and he handed me the flashlight he’d retrieved and went after his tall, winter Muck boots.  He really looked the sight then but we’re not stupid, snakes bites hurt.

So with a big grin on his face and now a shovel I’d retrieved for him, he slayed my dragon and scooped him off to throw into the nearby field. I’m sure the chickens will find him tomorrow and have a lovely feast. Meanwhile, I shall be free to dream of fields of daisies, and lollypop mountains. “You may now go to bed sweet prince.” And I did too and slept peacefully knowing my Prince Charming was there to protect me.

The End


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