Recycling Wood Flooring

Part of the gym floor from a church will become part of the flooring in our home. A pinewood derby is the reason for the floor being replaced. A big tub of water was placed on the floor and it leaked over night ruining a large section. So workers cut the flooring in to large pallet like sections to remove it. This cut up flooring was free due to the large amount of work it would take to make it usable once more. I wanted it as it would save a large chunk of change and we badly need something on our floors besides plywood. Kirk said no as all he could see was work and not sure if it was reusable. Gym floors are done differently than tongue and groove flooring in a home so I was dutiful and kept silent. I don’t do that well. The first to volunteer to take it backed out and it came up once more for free. I was not so compliant. I stepped in and made arrangements to pick it up. They sweetly delivered just to get it out of their trailer more quickly. A garage full of flooring later we we were hitting the internet to see how to dissemble it. This was only part of the floor. Another person has claimed the rest but they have yet to pick it up. We’ve asked for it if they change their mind. Where I will put it I’ve no idea.

I figure I got us into this so I had better do at least a good portion of the labor and grunt work. It is the skills department that I’m lacking in.

The house will be a bit higgley piggley until I figure out just how to blend the other stack of wood flooring I got in a barn a few years back. It is at least wide, has a finish on it already, and is still in it’s original boxes. It was left overs from someone’s flooring project. I need to add a bit more boxes of the same flooring to one stack and I’d better get to checking to see if it is still available in the store. If not I have 3 tables we need to build and it would make a great top. Wish the church flooring was as easy a start but beggars can’t be choosers.


It is a ton of work taking it apart piece by piece from the backer boards it is nailed to. On the bright side there is no bye, bye muscle in this old ladies arms anymore. There is a pretty good back ache though. I’ve learned a thing or two about hammers. Mine is the best. I picked it out a few years ago as I wanted a smaller one. It is a real gem. Kirk’s hammer heads keep coming off on me with this project. They have a metal head with a wood base. A traditional hammer. This blue one is made of one piece of metal, head and handle. The rubber around the handle gives you a good grip. I’m getting a few more in a larger size. Maybe Kirk can forge the other hammer heads into something else useful. ‘Waste not want not’. By the way, my shovel I bought is super nice too. Way better than his. Quality just has that look. I need to buy more if I can find them as everyone always wants mine.

I do really like the hand grinder of Kirk’s though because after you pry off each very narrow flooring board you have to grind off the nails level with the wood back. It is not light though and I have to switch from hand to hand because my arms get to aching. It would look funny if I had bye, bye muscles on one arm and not the other.

The plan is for Kirk to nail the floor down. We will sand it, and stain it a gray/brown. Then I will use bees wax and a buffer. The last home we put in tongue and groove flooring of which part of it was from a school house. Someone else had done the hard work of removing though. On it I used water base polyurethane. It did not hold up well to our lifestyle and I had to sand and do touch ups. I hate our antique table in the dining room for the same reason. The polyurethane is coming off of it. Give me a rub and buff surface any day.

That is what I did as a kid growing up on our hard wood floor. The big question in our mind is just how much wood do we have? Maybe we had better start with the master bedroom and work from there though oh how I’d love to have something down on out main living area. If only we knew for sure if the other section of gym flooring would be coming our way. Oh well, I have plenty to do to get this dismantled first and then maybe it will show up too.

Meanwhile other projects are buried behind this one and we now have no room to work on them with the whole garage taken up. Kirk is going to have to take some vacation so we can get our garage back before winter. They are really piling up. It is hard with four young kids under foot and lots of family around with needs. More demands than we can fulfill.


So I slip out to the garage whenever possible and pull boards. And because we are going to loose the north side of our house if we don’t reside it, we are off on a road trip Monday to look and order metal siding. Where oh where will we put it when it comes in. The big question is if we can afford more than just the north side of the house. Any way you look at it, I’d better get to pulling flooring boards. What recycle jobs have you done lately?

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