Barnyard Entertainment


We have gotten quite attached to this little ewe lamb.  I’ve always wanted to try raising a Dorper, not my husband, but this little girl has melted his heart. Duke, our barn cat too as he sleeps with her and rub his tail up and down her sides in a caress. And who doesn’t love her markings. They are striking! You’d think she was a type of miniature, really miniature, Holstein.

If she is bored with what you are doing, she finds her way back to her pen and settles down for a rest or goes exploring nearby. She’s pretty undemanding but busy, oh my, she is busy.

IMG_7347Use to being the center of attention with the kids, she became quite jealous when we brought a few bunnies at a time out on the lawn a few. When she wants your attention, she paws on you with both front feet in rapid succession, a habit I know I need to break but it is so… darn cute!


We’ve got a few domestic bunnies that look an awful like wild ones. They must smell different though because the cats don’t give them a never mind and they’d have a wild one for supper in a heart beat.


It never ceases to amaze me that the baby bunnies don’t try and run away but seem to love our grandkid’s attention. They did not even mind Caroline but then she sleeps at night under their cages. One of the things I love most about spring, is babies, babies, babies. Some of you might have noticed the missing kid goats. They are trouble with a capitol T. They think Caroline is a punching bag so we keep them separated. As for baby rabbits, not sure what the kid goats would do.

True to every animal, they all try and find their way on the totem pole. Each trying to find someone else a bit lower on the rung. There isn’t much for little ole Caroline since the bunnies are locked up in cages most of the time. I was just commenting to Kirk that I wondered when she’d discover that the chickens were littler than she is when she took off chasing a hen a short distance. Watch what you say. The next thing we knew she had raced into the middle of the chicken coop feathers flying, squawking protests, as she scatters them in every direction. You could almost see a smile crease her face. Must have not bothered them too much because Kirk found her sleeping in the corner of their coop when we were getting ready to leave for church on Sunday. The chickens were just going about their business all around her.

Yes, this is the life for me! You can have your concerts, and theater but I’ll take my mountain scene, turkey’s gobbling in the meadow below, and barnyard critters for entertainment.


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