Why We Live Where We Live


We came back home when we move. This country is my husbands childhood haunts and the home of my soul. What I love is the mixture of wildlife and domestic livestock. Here is a couple pheasants in the mothering pasture of the ranch nearby.


This is where the newborn calves and mamas go to mother-up as they say or for you non-ranchers, get use to each other in a smaller pasture before being placed in a large field where they might get lost from each other if they don’t have a tight bond.


Just a few photo frames away are Canadian geese and Sand Hill Cranes. IMG_7156.JPGThe roadsides on the way home were filled with White-tail deer.


And the pastures are filled, and our yard, and, and, and.,

IMG_0099In the binocular distance are elk to our west on the foreground hillsides of the mountain range which towers behind out of sight. Sharptail grouse, bear, coyotes, fox, and even a few wolves whom occasionally roam through but we hope remain far in the distance. Canadian geese, eagles and Great Horned Owls add splashes of movement to the skies. We live in wildlife heaven but presently we are the stark white house on the hill that jumps out at you. When we are done, we will blend in with a change of color and style and masked with a more permaculture landscape that gives Mother Nature the attention she deserves. She dresses herself so well and the changing seasons bring something new and wonderful!!



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