The Best Carrot Cake Recipe Ever

Did you know I’m on Facebook? Just go to Easy Living the Hard Way to find me and catch photos of the barnyard babes, updates on what’s happening, and great finds on the Internet like the most divine carrot cake ever. Our family gave it a five star rating. With 3 cups of delicious carrots in the mix, it deserves a second helping for goodness sake. Next time the kids say to add nuts and raisins. Oh…. yum!

Our 6 year old granddaughter for her birthday actually asked for carrot cake. Not a store cake that tastes chemically and has fancy frosted confections on top enough to rank it in the toxic waste category.  NO… our once superficial girl wanted a cake full of vegetables. We have moved up in the world. It is so…. exciting! She hasn’t even tasted carrot cake yet, but I mentioned wanting to try making one and she asked for it for her birthday. Homemade with its heightened flavor is winning the battle over the store’s pretty facade.

But oh the pressure. I had to find a recipe that indeed held up to her 6 year old’s picky standards. Thank you food bloggers of the world!! You saved me and proved a point. Taste is worth so much more than looks.

And for my new cake section of my personal cookbook, I have another cake. It will join an awesome pumpkin / apple cake recipe; my own version of oatmeal cake; and  a German apple cake. That makes four cakes with a nutritious bonus and who needs frosting on these? Just call them snack cakes.

But wait!  Doesn’t chocolate have some nutritional value? Add the German Chocolate frosting made with eggs and coconut and that should help push it into the nutritious cake group. But first I need to find a ‘to die for’ chocolate cake recipe. Still looking. Then there is my home-made angel food cake with 13 free- range eggs in its lofty flavor. I think that pushes it in the breakfast food group. Add freshly whipped cream and fruit and definitely on at least the brunch menu. Come on you have donuts for breakfast, my cake and toppings are healthier than that.

Seriously though, I am trying to move to better choices. Maybe not good choices if I was honest since no cake would be the best decision but if life is full of healthy things, then cake on a birthday can’t be a bad thing. After all a girl only turns 6 once.

So join me on Facebook Easy Living the Hard Way. I’ll send you off to this five star carrot cake recipe and let you know if the beet cake recipe I found elsewhere works out. Beets are really good for you and I tried hiding them in a fruit smoothie but the kids tasted them and turned up their noses. I only used 2 really small ones. Alas because Kirk and I love beets! Hm… that was red beets. What if I used white beets? They don’t particularly love white beets but they will eat a few bites which is better than the red variety. I’m trying white home bottle beets next time in a smoothie.  A grandmother has to try and get all the good veggies and fruits one can down the grandkids. I only have 4 or 5 days a week to do it. It’s an unwritten rule of old fashion grandmas you know.

So join me and ditch those store box cakes for something that helps supply your daily fruits and vegetables and best of all, still gives you CAKE!

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