Rain Barrels

Kirk has chosen his priorities this early spring and it is to put together the frame for a greenhouse and work on water storage. The greenhouse will take some time to put together as it is an old  metal McGee hay loafer frame. We’ve used this structure previously to store hay in and later to store the tractor. We took the tin off and broke the frame down when we moved to this location 5 years ago. Things take time especially with four granddaughters living here the bulk of the time and our other children, grandchildren living nearby.

Another project is water storage. We want to capture rainwater and see how much it will aid us in watering trees and garden vegetables. There is a great deal of pressure on the water well to water the livestock, home needs, and all the trees and food crops. This is step one to put up the rain barrels we bought at a yard sell 2 summers ago. These are DIY barrels and so they were far less expensive in comparison to the commercial ones. Kirk has improved on them by making wood frames to pick them up off the ground. This makes them easy to get a bucket under to haul the water to the plants. It will be interesting to see how much this will supply of our needs. We have three barrels and two frames are done and in place. There are of course more spouts on the house but these flow the largest amounts of water and will be the test pilots.

In the back of the house is a spout that water tumbles out of in torrents. It will need larger containers. Besides the house we will collect off the barn. On the west side the dirt by the foundation is washing away due to large amounts of water dripping off. We are going to need to put up a rain gutter on that side and it will go into larger capacity containers. When that is accomplished we shall see where to go from there. If it does not make a large impact we will stop at that point.

If you too want to collect rainwater be sure and check to see if it is lawful in your area. Our state regulates ponds heavily but we can collect rainwater. Wyoming is a semi-arid climate and that is why this is a questionable venture. That is why this is a wait and see project to build upon if it is successful.

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