Goats Bleed After Kidding

Maybe not the prettiest picture but if you are panicking – calm down.  It is perfectly normal for a doe to start bleeding lightly after birth or a week or even two after kidding.  Comedy here started at two weeks. This is natures way of cleaning out the uterus and will last for a few weeks. It will be a mess and you might want to clean her up. I’m going to do just that tomorrow and trim the long hair around her uterus and on it to keep the milk cleaner.

When to become concerned is if the doe starts bleeding an excess amount of blood and if it is bright red. You always worry about a torn uterus if this occurs but remember, it must be more than a small amount. Also this reaction would be soon after giving birth.

Another reason for bright red blood is if she tore her vulva with an extra large kid. I’ve had a little over an inch and they were just fine. They will heal quickly. Another reason to become upset is if the seepage is rank smelling like something rotting. Then she has an infection and needs an antibiotic. This happens most often when you have had to go inside to pull a kid or kids. The best advice I can give you is stay calm. Think it through and evaluate the situation and try and figure out the possible causes. Most times it is just a part of the healing process. Busting out those babies out the back end is no easy feat.


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