I Want a Fluffle!

I want a fluffle. Do you want a fluffle? I’m trying for two. They are promised to arrive the beginning of April but we shall see. One can never really guarantee these things. What I can guarantee is from now on I will never again have a herd of rabbits. Nor will I have a colony. Nope, I’m going to pretend I’m from northern Canada and have a fluffle. Oh no. What about two groups – are they flufflers? I don’t know any northern Canadians so I’ll just call them that.

IMG_5494I want black bunnies. I want brown ones and white ones. I even want broken ones but I won’t get them. My rabbits won’t give them to me. I wonder how you get them? Hm… off to the internet I go. It says I will never have them. Alas, I wanted one but one of your rabbits has to have a broken gene which is dominant. I have an adult black rabbit, three brown ones, and a white one but not a broken one. Oh you don’t know what broken is?  It means a white rabbit with patches of color. I don’t mean purple though you would get a lot of money for one. I mean black or brown patches, even gray. Curious about rabbit color genetics visit to find out more. It’s fascinating but most everything natural is to me.

IMG_5530Isn’t this baby precious?DIGITAL CAMERAThey say rabbits live in a warren but this wild fluffle lived in a poop pile. Pretty smart really as it was early spring and the temperatures cold. A pile of horse manure puts off quite a lot of heat when it is decomposing creating a naturally heated home. PICT1715Look at that face. Isn’t it cute?DIGITAL CAMERAWhat a blessed experience to watch these wild babies grow up. How old are they? Probably around 23 to 25 days which is when they leave their nest. to explore outdoors.

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