Baby Goat Pictures


Meet Tilly. She is the littlest of the two doelings born to Comedy.


This is Buttermilk. She was too busy drinking to get her picture taken in the barnyard sunshine.


This is the two of them just waking up and coming out of the warm heat lamp barrel to greet mom and of course ask for a drink.

Can’t believe Comedy is nursing and mothering her little girls so well. She was on the show circuit for five years and always had her little ones taken away at birth. What a good mama she is. It shows her great mothering instinct genetics and her super sweet personality. Temperament is SO…. important. She is LOVING being a mama.


How does dad feel about it all? He doesn’t rightly care. He is just wanting his hay and some companionship. Soon he will go out to pasture and can play with the big boys – the beef. It is mighty lonely without Comedy.

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