Baby Goats!


What a full day. We had the funeral for Kirk’s brother yesterday. Then later in the evening Comedy went into light labor. It went on and on and on or so  it seemed and I grew more more and more tired. I’m getting rather old for this. Yet, this is the first time I’ve been present for her delivery and I did not know what to expect. Otherwise I would have known to get my sleep. Instead I was up most of the night. She made me laugh as she got cranky – really cranky. Just like a woman who goes through transition during labor.  Over thirty years of raising dairy goats and not one like her. All the others have been extra friendly. I suppose there will always be that one after all a change in personality is one of the things you look for as a sign of impending birth and she couldn’t be sweeter so she went in the other direction.


First time standing. It makes it so much easier when you can lean on mom.

It seems older does have longer labors. Lots and lots of light labor before the real thing. Some call it Braxton Hicks and yes animals have contractions to prepare the body for the delivery. All my ewes and does have an increasing amount of Braxton Hicks as they grow older. But at least now I have an idea of what to expect with Comedy. I also have a pretty set number of days after breeding date when she will go next and I will know within four hours when she is likely to kid next time. Next time with these guidelines, I can get some sleep first.


She gave us a special blessing though. Two beautiful little does. The kids have been coming up with names for the last few days. Our nine year old, true to character, is trying for the same two names she has liked for the last few years. It is now Bruno and Babette. We’ve already had a Babette. She was a young whitetail fawn who lost her mom in September a few years ago. All winter she hung out in our yard and we grew rather fond of her. A Bruno we have not had. Maybe we could use that name on a rooster. Before Bruno and Babette it was Rainbow Dash. Two Rainbow Dash goat bucks. One we lost shortly after birth and one whom we sold at a few months old. Then it was a Rainbow Dash rooster. He grew mean and did not last long. At least we are done with that name. Or probably a few times since once does not seem to do the trick.

The older two girl’s names won out. Buttermilk and Tilly. The girls are getting their tummies full and taking in the heat in the warming drum. Better pictures are to come when the girls and mom are feeling a bit better. Being born is hard work.

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